Visit Us at The Experience Trade Show!

Wondering where you can see the amazing pry bar multi-tool from Artillery Tools? If you are planning on going to The Experience Convention and Trade Show, held in Las Vegas this coming September 7- 9, 2016, you’ll have the opportunity to come and see us! Being held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, this will be the world’s largest trade show for cleaning and restoration equipment, tools, and products. Come and visit us there!

What is so Special About Artillery Tools?

  • Artillery Tools is the proud developer of what is arguably the best multi-tool pry bar around.
  • An Artillery Tool Pry Bar Sets, no matter which one you buy, is a flexible, strong tool that is designed specifically for the job at hand.
  • Our pry bars are made of lightweight, but incredibly strong, material.

Our Tool Sets are Flexible!

  • You can choose the length of the handle you want to use. You know that if you are removing flooring, you are going to need a different length handle than when you are removing siding.
  • Your personal height will also determine what height handle is best suited for the job you are doing.
  • The space in which you are working will also determine the handle you choose.
  • With Artillery Tools, you have a choice between 12, 15, 25 27, and 37 inch handles.
  • You can also choose the best fulcrum and scraper for the job.

Come and see us at The Experience Trade Show or visit our shopping page to get what you need now!


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