Artillery Tools Usage Guide

Artillery Tools Pry Bar Benefits

Ability to make the right tool for the job – versatility.

  • Interchangeable blades let you find the best blade ( most effective)
  • Can choose the best fulcrum for angle of operation and prying motion
    Can choose the correct length of handle that is the right weight
  • Short handle can get the right tool shape into tight spaces with any configuration
  • Ability to customize the amount of tools in the case
  • Patented interchangeability (no other pry bar can do this)


  • Standing up straighter
  • Lighter weight – easier for overhead work
  • Ball grip: better fit in hand, more gripping options, less blisters
  • Prying motion – more work with each stroke (less strokes)
  • Work longer and get more done (less wear & tear on operator)
  • Work off your knees
  • Take some of the dread out of demo


  • Having access to 180 different tools at once
  • Cutting demo time – money saving on every hour saved
  • Getting to next phase quickly
  • Possibly lower bid price to be more competitive
  • Psychologically benefit getting job off to a good start

Compact Case

  • Takes up less space – everything you need where you need it
  • Organizes tools
  • Protects from loss
  • Carry over 100 demolition tools in one hand

Multiple tools in one

  • Can make tools that do not exist, in minutes
  • Adapts to most any material better than any other bar
  • Cost value of adding new items and get multiple uses from existing tools
  • Developing new options in future