What Can Our Tools Do For You?

ARTILLERY TOOLS surveyed those customers who returned to our trade show booth over the years to find out what is new. Here are the survey results.

Patented Interchangeability

No other pry bar can do this!

Removal of many types of material is now a “snap” with the Artillery® Pry Bar System. In a fraction of the time you can easily remove:
* Lathe & Plaster
* Sheetrock
* Trim
* Molding
* Carpet & Staples
* Paneling
* Cabinets
* Nails, Screws, & Staples
* Flooring
* Siding
With the multiple handle configurations, you can work in tight places or from a distance. For the really back-breaking jobs, you can use a longer handle for more leverage. Having the best functioning tool for the job saves time, and wear & tear.

We Serve Several Customer Types


Before you begin your home demolition, consider what our tools could do for your project. It could save you thousands of dollars on your tear-outs. Whether you are looking to do general material removal, renovate your flooring, or need siding removal tools, we have a variety of multipurpose options to fit your needs.

Remodeling Contractors

A lot of remodeling jobs start with demolition. You need to get the old structures out of the way before you can install the new design. Whether you are doing a full building demolition, a room, or just pulling out a wall, you need the right tools; especially a good multi-purpose pry bar.

Disaster Restoration Contractors

Artillery Tools has been working with the restoration industry for years. We are the only demolition hand tool manufacturer that is attending industry trade shows. We have helped over 500 companies and we have worked hard to solve the specific tear out needs of the restoration industry.

This is the only pry bar system out there.

This system can out-perform everything out there when it comes to multiple prying situations.

The Artillery Pry Bar System has many different pieces. The many combinations will provide over 180 different demolition tools. They can range from 48in heavy duty pry bar to a 17 in lightweight cat’s paw that will pull anything it will grip. This wide range of tools will provide many combinations for flooring removal of any kind. There are several combinations for decking removal and roofing removal. The lightweight handles enable siding removal tools, stucco removal tools as well as paneling removal tools to be assembled in a flash. Several of these combinations can produce tools that are not made anywhere else. There is no other tool company that can offer this ability to customize so many different tools for every type of hand tool demolition. We rule material removal!