Satisfied Customers’ Reviews

Hi Joe,

Thanks for making such great tools! I bought a set in 2013 or 14 and have gotten a lot of use out of it since then, mostly taking up particleboard for wood floor installs. The new salvage blade is great.

Keep up the good work!

Trevor Storch, Storch Construction

A fantastic bar sir, I’m finding it works the best on everything I have used it on. The main reason I got it was to remove tack strip and it works wonders on that but also works great on glue down carpet and tile demo.
Thank you sir.

Aaron Shaffer

Thank you Joe!!!   – 1-19-21
I think all of your tools are amazing and I have a bunch.  We typically use the long pry bars the most, but all of your stuff is GREAT.  You also have great response for shipments and service.

Jeff Grant, ServiceMaster By Bone Dry

Hi Joe! Sorry I have not emailed you earlier. We have had a lot of storms here. Your tools are great! They work really well and the staff love them. Many thanks for producing such a great product.

Cheers, Anton Buckingham, Managing Director, Element Restorations, March 9th, 2020

Hey Joe, the artillery tool was awesome! Took up 250 sq. ft. of hardwood floor in 1 1/2 hrs. Would have taken me forever without it.

Barry, July 18th, 2019

I purchased artillery tools at a trade show in 2015. To say that I love these tools is an understatement. So far not one pry bar has been broken. These tools are extremely well made and make the job of removing flooring a lot easier then it otherwise would be.

Thanks for making a good tool.

Kevin Pearson, Pearson Carpet Care

RE: Absolutely awesome toolset!

We have now expanded our collection of Artillery Tools to three complete sets. I purchased the first set and wanted our mitigation team members to give it a try on the glued to concrete wood, laminate, and engineered flooring used here in central Florida. Our previous options were to use a mini-sledge hammer and pry bar and then scrape with a rip-r-stripper. It was both labor intensive and time consuming. The Artillery Tool quickly became our tool of choice to quickly and effectively take up the glued down floors. It often brings the glue up with the flooring, reducing our time needed to finish scraping the concrete in preparation for the installation of the new flooring. This led to more requests for more sets.

We have also used the Artillery Tool to remove drywall, wood paneling, etc. and have found it to be very effective. Our technicians now use this tool regularly, in several configurations and on many facets of our jobs, it saves man-hours and that saves us money.

Thank you Artillery Tools for such a quality product.

Sincerely, Aaron Rogers; SERVPRO of West Orange, February 25th, 2015

Love the Product. My employees use it on just about every job.

Nick Catalano; Owner Master Dry, September 11th, 2015

Had mine for 2 years. Don’t have any issues with it…

Had mine for 2 years. Don’t have any issues with it. We had 2,500 sq ft of wood glue demo. One side regular bars and the other half we had our Artillery bar. 5 hours to remove 200 sq ft with regular bar, Artillery bar 50 minutes. Perfect tool!

Abel Lopez, Owner, A&A Restoration, September 11, 2015

Makes the job go quick and with much less effort…

The Artillery System used for hard wood floor removal that is nailed. Is very helpful for the techs due to the length and the pivot of the tool. Using the midsized blade it makes the job go quick and with much less effort, saving my back.

John Christensen, Remediation Superintendent, All States Services, September 10, 2015

An excellent addition to the Artillery Tool arsenal…

Thanks for bringing over the new scraping tool to the work site a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank you personally and let you know the scraper is an excellent addition to the Artillery Tool arsenal you already sold us. Your personal lesson on the job site made a big difference and the guys appreciated your tips to get that tile demo job done fast and clean. Additionally, the Artillery Tool kit you recommended gets lots of use. For the money you can’t beat the amount of uses it has for demolition and remodeling.

Thanks again Joe and as always, appreciate your ideas and input to help us get those jobs DONE!

Jim Feild, CR,Certified Remodeler, Progressive Builders Northwest, May 8, 2015


Before I ordered the Mini Pry Bar tool from you, I spent hours on my knees prying off carpet tack strips from my concrete floor in my living room. I had four more rooms that had to have the carpets and tack strips removed, a job I really wasn’t looking forward to doing again and I didn’t have the money to have it done by a contractor. I thought there must be an easier way to remove those carpet tack strips plus save a few bucks. Searching the Internet I found your web site “Artillery Tools,LLC”. I watched your demo video and was sold! I took your advice – probably the best thing I ever did too, and ordered the Mini Pry Bar tool for the job I had ahead of me. Using the methods shown in the demo video and your suggestions, I was able to remove all those carpet tack strips in less time then it took to remove the carpets …and with much less effort! Absolutely a money and labor saver. I have shared this info and your web site with my buddies, and they too are sold. WHAT A TOOL!

David K. New Orleans, Louisiana, April 6, 2015

WOW! What a great product…

Just wanted to reach out and say “WOW” what a great product you have developed. At the request of my General Manager Zach Ledford, I have invested into two of the Artillery Pry Bar Systems. Somewhat apprehensive because of lack of knowledge and cost I made the investment several months ago and could not be any happier. The ease in demolition of flooring as been incredible. We paid for our investment just after a couple uses by reducing labor hours. It has made the jobs easier and the employees are happier because its less physical then the old traditional way of tear-out.

Looking forward to the any new products your company introduces.

H. Clinton Aycock, CMRS Steamatic of Greater Greenville

Seemed too good to be true…

When I discovered Artillery Tools it almost seemed too good to be true. I watch the demonstration video and then spoke with one of their representatives. We were willing to invest in one set and put it to the real test in the field, heavy demolition. Immediately our technicians familiarized themselves with the tools and loved them. Not only did the tools work better than advertised, our teams encountered significant increases in production while cutting the level of fatigue in half! We decided to order a second set and it has been in full service since it arrived. I am pleased to announce that we will be ordering a third set today with the intentions of outfitting at least one set on each of our six restoration vehicles. The initial cost may seem high, but it is really minimal based on the quality of the product and incredible durability. Our franchise is a successful large loss leader in our area. We would never consider arriving to a massive loss with only basic demolition tools.

Jason Brown President Rainbow International, New Jersey

It took 45 minutes…

The last time I pulled up tack strips for carpeting it took a kneeling pad, a hammer, a pry bar, and 1/2 day. I found the Artillery Tools pry bar system on-line and bought it. It took 45 minutes for the Artillery Pry Bar to remove all the tack strips from the entire room. One reason it worked so well is that it utilizes one of my favorite words- fulcrum! You can borrow my Artillery Pry Bar if you need to, but you should buy your own. BTW, it has accessories!

Carol White Arvada, CO

The best thing I’ve added to my arsenal of tools…

The Artillery Pry Bar System is the best thing I’ve added to my arsenal of tools, because I have yet to find a better tool for removing floors, decking, siding, ceramic tile, etc…and we’re still putting it through its paces! It’s a real labor & time saving tool and has already saved us 40% on floor demo labor costs alone. All my crews love it and they ask for it before going out on a tear out! IT IS A MUST FOR ANY RESTORATION OR RENOVATION COMPANY!!!

Merwin Haight, Owner Merwin Haight Renovations & Restoration Ltd.

The Artillery Tool does a great job…

The Artillery Tool does a great job removing ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, and carpet tack strips. This is one of the most appreciated gifts my wife has ever given me. (She bought it from you at a Home Show.) I forwarded information about the Artillery Tool to our Neighborhood Emergency Team leaders.

Lee Youngblood, Homeowner Portland, OR

A must in the restoration business!

The use of the artillery tool is a must in the restoration business! The price can scare off people but the amount of labor and energy to tear out vinyl floors, wooden floors or tile pays for itself!

Joe Sophia Lenexa, KS

Somebody finally built a better mousetrap..

Somebody finally built a better mousetrap. I am a General Contractor and have mainly used gorilla bars, prybars and everything in between to make demolition less painful. This system is well thought out and relieves a lot of stress associated with demolition both in the hands, shoulders and back. The system is pretty complete but you will want to purchase as much of the attachments as possible and with me you will need a couple more of the handle units. Most likely you will purchase two systems because if more than one person is involved in the demolition you will need the second set because one set does not come with two identical bars or enough heads. I usually do demolition myself but when I can I let the younger guys wield the tools. Overall it is a great system and like always it’s best to have the right tool for the job to make tear out easier. I have used this system to tear off shingles, staples, underlayment and lap siding. The deck attachment head makes tearing off deck boards a breeze and with the design of the fulcrums, there is a lot of upward force produced with little downward force used by the user.

Duane Oglesby Oglesby Construction Company, Inc.

Get more done in a shorter time with less discomfort

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Artillery® Tool Pry Bar System. I hadn’t really given much thought to the demolition aspect of my jobs except that it was always hard physical labor, and it happens on nearly every job. In this trying economic climate, like many others, I find myself doing many of those tasks myself and find myself sore after those long demolition days. Your tool kit has helped me get more done in a shorter time with less discomfort than before. My body thanks you. From the ergonomic design of the ball hand grip to the longer Handles and the higher fulcrum point, it just takes less time to accomplish the same tasks than before. I’ve lent out my kit to several subs that needed to do a little demo, and not to my surprise, they really liked the tool as well. I know from the way your pry bar system is built that I will have it for a long, long time and will require much less effort to produce the same results. The bottom line is that the tool’s efficiency calculates to less time spent doing the same tasks and better profits….Thanks again!

Steve Klingerman, Owner T.H.E. Remodel Group (Tualatin, OR) November 27, 2010

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the Artillery Pry Bar System. We use it on most of our jobs, especially the ones that require the removal of flooring and subfloors. It works really when we have to tear out sheet rock and lathe & plaster. It works much better than anything else we have used and has substantially cut our demolition times (up to 30%). My crews really like your system’s versatility. For example, to work in smaller rooms and confined spaces, all we have to do is use a shorter handle. By far, your Artillery Pry Bar System is our #1 demolition tool. It has taken the dread out of our demo work. It has paid for its self many times over, and we have only been using it for three months.

Jimmy Green, ServiceMASTER of Bel Air MD; February 8th, 2010

Our new house was completely devoid of flooring within hours…

We wanted to make sure you got a note about how VERY happy Sean and me are with our new Artillery Pry Bar tools. Our new house was completely devoid of flooring within hours. The shorter tool made quick work of cabinetry, door casings and framework! We love that little thing. The big tool did the flooring, but the small tool pulled up tack strips, problem areas, and did the wall and ceiling work. We are SO happy, and not hurting anywhere near as bad as we have after previous projects.

I’ve posted your website on Facebook and a couple of other places. I hope you are getting all the business you deserve. We’ll do our best to spread the word!

Diana and Sean Larabee August 28, 2011

The most unique tool we own

I have been in the building deconstruction and salvage industry for the last 18 years and have removed materials from thousands of commercial, residential, industrial, military, and institutional structures. In our constant effort to improve our techniques, we have purchased and currently own over 15 types of pry bars including the Artillery® Tool Pry Bar System. The Artillery system is the most unique tool we own and we have used its multiple configurations in countless different ways.

I believe that the Artillery system is the answer to the efficient removal of many salvaged items and I am very excited that Joe, the Owner of Artillery Tools, is committed to developing additional attachments that will make it possible to remove items faster and at a lower cost. I think that all professional deconstruction companies should own one of these sets.

Dave Bennink, RE-USE Consulting National Building Deconstructor of the Year – 2009/2010 April 23, 2011

The Artillery® Pry Bar System saved me time, money, and wear & tear…

The Artillery® Pry Bar System saved me time, money, and wear & tear on my body. I was facing another tough demolition in an old home. I had budgeted two days for removal of flooring, and three days for removal of wall surfaces. The Artillery® Pry Bar System cut the flooring demolition to half a day by removing full sheets of underlayment with multiple layers attached, and the wall surfaces to one day by getting under the lathe and removing multiple layers in one shot. Your Artillery® Pry Bar System is my primary demolition tool. Someone recently asked me “which new tools had made the most significant impact in my projects? My response was “Artillery® Pry Bar System, the Fein Multimaster, and Lasers.” That’s pretty awesome company! Read more about it in my blog.

John Weber, Owner Rio Renovations (West Linn, OR) November 22, 2010

These pry bars are indispensable…

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about my recent experience with your Artillery Pry Bars.

A good friend of mine just purchased a large fixer upper house. Part of the house closing requirements included the replacement of damaged flooring, wall coverings and certain structural upgrades. This work needed to be completed in a relatively short period of time. Fortunately my friend had purchased the Artillery Pry Bar System.

We had a work party weekend to perform the demo in preparation for the contractors to start their work. We used the various pry bars from a fully loaded Contractor Set to remove carpeting, underlayment, stone tile flooring and wainscot walls covering. Additionally there was an interior wood framed wall that needed to be removed, as well as an extended kitchen nook addition that we demoed out.

Having done this type of work before using crow bars and claw hammers, I can tell you that I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently this project went with the pry bar system. It seemed that there was a handle and blade configuration that could easily be put together for each type of demo project we tackled.

I have been recommending this product to all my home owner and contractor friends. These pry bars are indispensable. Needless to say I am sold on the Artillery Pry Bar System.

Brian North, Homeowner (Canby, OR) October 18, 2010

My production people love the tool. Saves labor – smarter working tool. Safer to use.

Richard Lennox | Disaster Specialist | Sandwitch, MA.

Love them & they help out with difficult projects.

Christopher Yanker | Buffalo Restoration | Bozeman, MT.

Great tools, once the techs start using them they love it. Used the salvage Blade to remove hardwood flooring. We were able to get the job done in hours instead of days.

Brian Schraidt | Ideal Restoration | San Francisco, CA.

The Artillery® Pry Bar System tool is the best!  I needed to remove carpet tack strips and tacks after taking up an old carpet in a 12’x16′ guest room.  I began the task with a flat bar, vice grips and a screwdriver.  After 10 minutes into the task, I knew there had to be a better way.  I went online in search of a tool to handle the task.  That is when I discovered the Artillery Tool.  I viewed the video, read the details and truly appreciated the phone  chat we had about my project.  You assured me that the basic Artillery Tool would handle the job.  The tool was promptly delivered and well packaged.  Assembly was very easy and quick.  I was surprised by the sturdiness of the tool!  The Artillery Tool lifted the tack strips and tacks with ease!

Kay Beckley | Bishops Head, MD

good product , good price, well constructed

hi, Joe. The bar worked very well removing 5 wide,’ glued down and stapled 3/4 solid hardwood flooring. 120 SF took me about 2 1/2 hours, including a closet, and since this was my own home, I was probably a bit more deliberate than if i demoing another house. Only thing I’d advise others is to get the add on leverage and foot step bar, but i really didnt need it, but would want it if I was doing this work often.

thanks , Dave Appelt

We just finished using your Artillery pry bar system for the first time. Our recent remodel job required removal of existing floors for two new bathrooms, a kitchen and a family room. Thank you! Your tool spared our backs, saved us lots of time and eliminated most of the stress of removing the oak flooring and plywood sub flooring and decking materials. We will NEVER be without this tool in our demolition ‘ARSENAL OF TOOLS”!!!

Thanks again, James F. Bacchiocchi; JFB/dmb