Flooring Material Removal

Flooring removal is now a “snap” with the Artillery® Pry Bar System. In a fraction of the time you can easily remove any of the following materials:


  • Decking
  • Vinyl
  • Sub-Floors
  • Linoleum
  • Plywood
  • Stone & Tile
  • Wood
  • Mud Set
  • Glued & Unglued Carpet

With the multiple handle configurations, you can work in tight places or from a distance. For the really back-breaking jobs, you can use a longer handle for more leverage. Altogether, the Artillery® Pry Bar System is probably one of the best scraping tools on the market.

Flooring is our specialty. The artillery pry bar system has ten different blades, several different fulcrums, and many different handle combinations to switch out on the flooring bar configuration. This ensures that you are using the most effective tool to maximize your productivity and minimize your physical exertion.

The Artillery Pry Bar System has many different pieces. The many combinations will provide over 180 different demolition tools. They can range from 48in heavy duty pry bar to a 17 in lightweight cat’s paw that will pull anything it will grip. This wide range of tools will provide many combinations for flooring removal of any kind. There are several combinations for decking removal and roofing removal. The lightweight handles enable siding removal tools, stucco removal tools as well as paneling removal tools to be assembled in a flash. Several of these combinations can produce tools that are not made anywhere else. There is no other tool company that can offer this ability to customize so many different tools for every type of hand tool demolition. We rule flooring removal!