Demolition and Restoration Tools

Artillery Tools has developed and patented a one of a kind demolition tool system. We have several tools sets in cases and 180 different bars designed to help anyone doing demolition tear outs of almost every kind.

Benefits & Usage


* Interchangeable blades for effectiveness
* Choose the best angle of operation
*Choose the correct length and weight of handle
* Short handle can get the right tool shape into tight spaces with any configuration
* Ability to customize the number of tools
* Patented interchangeability (no other pry bar can do this)


* Improve your posture
* Light weight – easier for overhead work
* Ball grip: better fit in hand, more gripping options, less blisters
* Prying motion – more work with each stroke
* Work longer and get more done (less wear & tear on operator)
* Stay off of your knees
* Take some of the dread out of demo.


* Have access to 180 different tools at once
* Cut demo time – money saved on every hour saved
* Get to the next phase quickly
* Possibly lower bid price to be more competitive
* Psychological benefit getting job off to a good start

Calling in the big guns of the Artillery multi–purpose pry-bar system will get your demolition job done quickly and efficiently, so you can move the project ahead on schedule, or even ahead of schedule!

Home Owners

Artillery Tools knows that when it comes to working on your own home, having the right tools is absolutely necessary. Most common home renovations start with demolition; it is easy to hire a contractor to do the work for you, but these days many people are choosing to take on the work themselves.

Disaster Restoration

Artillery Tools has been working with the restoration industry since 2010. We are the only demolition hand tool manufacturer that is doing the restoration industry trade shows. We have helped over 700 restoration companies and we have worked hard to solve the specific tear out needs of the restoration industry.

Remodeling Contractors

A lot of remodeling jobs start with demolition. You need to get the old structures out of the way before you can install the new design. Whether you are doing a full building demolition, or just pulling out a wall, you need the right tools. The workhorse of any demolition job is a multi-purpose pry bar.

Any Questions or Comments?


Aaron Shaffer

Joe, A fantastic bar sir, I’m finding it works the best on everything I have used it on. The main reason I got it was to remove tack strip and it works wonders on that but also works great on glue down carpet and tile demo. Thank you sir.

Jeff Grant, ServiceMaster By Bone Dry

Thank you Joe!!! – 1-19-21 I think all of your tools are amazing and I have a bunch. We typically use the long pry bars the most, but all of your stuff is GREAT. You also have great response for shipments and service.

Anton Buckingham, Managing Director, Element Restorations

Your tools are great! They work really well and the staff love them. Many thanks for producing such a great product.

Barry, July 18th, 2019

Hey Joe, the artillery tool was awesome! Took up 250 sq. ft. of hardwood floor in 1 1/2 hrs. Would have taken me forever without it.

Kevin Pearson, Pearson Carpet Care

I purchased artillery tools at a trade show in 2015. To say that I love these tools is an understatement. So far not one pry bar has been broken. These tools are extremely well made and make the job of removing flooring a lot easier then it otherwise would be. Thanks for making a good tool.

Abel Lopez, Owner, A&A Restoration

Had mine for 2 years. Don’t have any issues with it. We had 2,500 sq ft of wood glue demo. One side regular bars and the other half we had our Artillery bar. 5 hours to remove 200 sq ft with regular bar, Artillery bar 50 minutes. Perfect tool!

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