Remodeling Contractors

A lot of remodeling jobs start with a demolition job. You need to get the old structures out of the way before you can install the new design. Whether you are doing a full building demolition, a room demolition, or just pulling out a wall, you need the right tools. The workhorse of any demolition job is a pry tool, or better yet a multi-purpose pry bar.

Artillery Tools has developed a multi-purpose pry bar system that has all the features you want and need in this essential tool on the work site.


  • The Artillery Disaster Restoration Set allows for up to sixty configurations. Three pry bars can be used at the same time with the system.
  • Other parts can be added to any set to create over 180 tool combinations.
  • Multiple tool configurations solve demo problems with the ability to find the best tool with just the right features.
  • We offer a demolition set specifically for flooring demolition, and one for disaster demolition and restoration.
  • Individual pry bars for general usage and for flooring are also available.


  • We offer customization, so your demolition tools can be customized to suit the specific needs of any remodeling contractor.
  • Case organizes parts, protects from getting lost and takes up less space in  your truck.
  • We offer an 180-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Economic Advantages

  • The Artillery Pry Bar System is the ultimate demolition labor saving device.
  • This effective tool cuts demolition time and therefore and the pay for themselves quickly
  • Higher productivity can lead to lower bid prices and thus, more jobs.

Benefits for Workers

  • The multi-tool pry bar has physical and psychological benefits for workers.
  • The comfortable ergonomic design means less wear and tear on workers, and may translate to fewer injuries and fewer workman’s comps claims.
  • Keep morale high by making quick work of demo part of the job.

Calling in the big guns of the Artillery multi–purpose pry-bar system will get your demolition job done quickly and efficiently, so you can move the project ahead on schedule, or even ahead of schedule!