A Pry Bar Set For Every Purpose

When someone in the military says send in the artillery, it means send in the big guns, the tool that will get the job done with force as well as precision. Our pry bar multi-tool is the artillery you need for remodeling and disaster restoration jobs. We offer several version of this versatile tool. There are six sets to choose from.

A Pry Bar Set For Every Purpose

  • DIY Homeowners have it made with the set made especially for DIY jobs around the house. Save your back, time and labor with this well designed tool set. There are tools for many tasks, from removing carpet to repairing a fence.
  • Our Professional Demolition Set is perfect for most professional projects and can be added to- to meet your specific needs. There are two lengths of handle, plus a handle extender, the standard fulcrum and standard scraper.
  • The Flooring Demolition Set is perfect for removing flooring with minimal wear and tear to your body. A selection of scrapers, fulcrums, and fasteners that are designed specifically for this job complete this set. This set makes 12 different configurations possible, and one will be perfect for the job at hand!
  • The Contractor Set gives contractors options! Bars for two workers and enough blades, fulcrums, and fulcrum extenders to fit any job that could come up.
  • The Glued Down Flooring Set will prepare you and your workers to remove any glued down flooring, from carpet to hardwood. This is the ultimate flooring demolition tool.
  • The Disaster Restoration Set gives you the ability to remove sheetrock lathe and plaster, flooring and siding. You can make handles of four lengths and this set has five blades, two fulcrums and an extender, and more extras!

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