Fast and Efficient Demolition: It’s All in the Angle

If you have any experience in demolition, you know that you can end up contorting your arms, legs, or back to get your pry bar into the right position, to exert the right amount of force to remove the sheetrock, flooring or siding. Exerting force through a pry bar while you are contorting your body has consequences. This type of inefficiency takes more time, increases labor costs, and results in extreme wear and tear on the body of the worker. Work related injuries cost not only in actual pain and suffering to your workers, but consequently in lost time, and money to your bottom line.

Artillery Tools Has the Solution!

  • Our Demolition Sets (we have six designed for various types of jobs) have the benefits of being lightweight, versatile and custom designed for demolition jobs.
  • It’s all in the angle. When you have the right angle for your work, you can use your muscles and time efficiently.
  • Artillery Tool Pry Bar Sets have a choice of handles so you can decide for yourself if an upright position, and the use of a shorter handle is what you need, or a standing position with a longer handle.
  • We also offer several fulcrums so you can exert the maximum force with the least effort.
  • Using the right blade can make all the difference. We have blades for every demolition and DIY purpose.

If you are a demolition or remodeling professional, you’ll want to check out our amazing pry bar sets. If you are going to be attending The Experience Trade Show in Vegas this September, be sure to find us and tell us about your experience with Artillery Tools!

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