Artillery Tools in Action!

We wanted to share this fabulous story sent in by one of our customers which showcases our tools in action!

“Hello, my name is Jon Holland and I am the general manager of Showcase Cleaning & Restoration in Hanover, MA. We use your artillery bars on a regular basis for disaster restoration services. I wanted to share a video with you of a situation that happened yesterday. Two of our technicians witnessed a serious car accident in which a vehicle was basically crushed by a large dump truck. 3 passengers were trapped inside the vehicle including 2 small children. No one on the scene had the necessary tools to free the trapped passengers. Our technicians rushed to help and using an artillery bar that they had on their truck they were able to pry the crushed doors open and free the small children. The fire dept quickly arrived and then freed the driver. I just thought you’d like to see an example of what your products are capable of accomplishing that is out of the norm for how they are typically used. The artillery bars are a vital part of our daily services we provide, but we were very thankful to have them available yesterday to assist in literally a life or death situation. Above is the link to a video of the artillery bar (clearly visible in the video) in action.

thank you
Jon Holland
Showcase Cleaning & Restoration”

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