Steamatic Franchises

Clint Aycock from Steamatic of Greater Greenville helped Artillery Tools to start working with Troy Coolidge at corporate. After he used our tools for a while we were invited to go to the Steamatic Convention. We exhibited in Chicago in 2014 where we picked up over half of our Steamatic customers. We have also been helping Steamatic franchises at our general restoration shows that we have done.

  • Connections Convention   2011 Las Vegas, 2012 Las Vegas,
  • IMACC Conference  2011
  • IDCE International Disaster Conference & Expo  2012 New Orleans
  • Crawford Contractor Connections    2012 Nashville, 2013 San Antonio, 2014 New Orleans, 2015 Florida
  • Experience Convention  2013 Florida, 2013 Las Vegas, 2015 Las Vegas
  • RIA Convention  2014 Orlando, 2015 Las Vegas

These shows have enabled us to work with over twelve Steamatic franchises. Helping them solve their demolition needs. Our goal is to help every restoration company that is looking for a better way to do their tear outs. By providing them a wider choice of better functioning tools then the old conventional pry bars offer.



Just wanted to reach out and say “WOW” what a great product you have developed. At the request of my General Manager Zach Ledford, I have invested into two of the Artillery Pry Bar Systems. Somewhat apprehensive because of lack of knowledge and cost I made the investment several months ago and could not be any happier. The ease in demolition of flooring as been incredible. We paid for our investment just after a couple uses by reducing labor hours. It has made the jobs easier and the employees are happier because its less physical then the old traditional way of tear-out.

Looking forward to the any new products your company introduces.

H. Clinton Aycock, CMRS, Steamatic of Greater Greenville