ServPro Franchises

Artillery Tools started helping Servpro Franchises when it started going to the restoration industry trade shows in 2011. We have decreased the number of hours spent on demolition and reduced the wear and tear on the workers for many years now. The list of general shows we have done are:

  • Connections Convention: 2011 Las Vegas, 2012 Las Vegas,
  • IMACC Conference: 2011
  • IDCE International Disaster Conference & Expo: 2012 New Orleans
  • Crawford Contractor Connections: 2012 Nashville, 2013 San Antonio, 2014 New Orleans, 2015 Florida
  • Experience Convention: 2013 Florida, 2013 Las Vegas, 2015 Las Vegas
  • RIA Convention: 2014 Orlando, 2015 Las Vegas

In June 2012 corporate Servpro started selling our Contractor Set at its Servpro convention and on its website. In 2013 they picked up our Disaster Restoration Set for the Servpro Convention. In August of 2015 Corporate Servpro stopped selling our two types of sets directly to their franchises. Artillery Tools will continue to offer its full line of products directly to all Servpro franchises. Our product knowledge and willingness to help is unsurpassed in the tear out end of the Restoration Industry.

We are currently working with more than sixty-seven Servpro franchises. Helping them solve their demolition needs. Our goal is to help every restoration company that is looking for a better way to do their tear outs. By providing them a wider choice of better functioning tools then the old conventional pry bars offer.



Re: Absolutely awesome toolset!
We have now expanded our collection of Artillery Tools to three
complete sets. I purchased the first set and wanted our mitigation
team members to give it a try on the glued to concrete wood,
laminate, and engineered flooring used here in central Florida. Our
previous options were to use a mini-sledge hammer and pry bar and
then scrape with a rip-r-stripper. It was both labor intensive and
time consuming. The Artillery Tool quickly became our tool of choice
to quickly and effectively take up the glued down floors. It often
brings the glue up with the flooring, reducing our time needed to
finish scrape the concrete in preparation for the installation of the
new flooring. This led to the requests for more sets.
We have also used the Artillery Tool to remove drywall, wood
paneling, etc. and have found it to be very effective. Our
technicians now use this tool regularly, in several configurations
and on many facets of our jobs, it saves man-hours and that saves us

Thank you Artillery Tools for such a quality product.

Aaron Rogers SERVPRO of West Orange