DKI Franchises

Artillery Tools did go to one DKI Insights. We exhibited at Indian Wells California in 2014 .  We have also been helping DKI franchises at our general restoration shows that we have done.

  • Connections Convention   2011 Las Vegas, 2012 Las Vegas,
  • IMACC Conference  2011
  • IDCE International Disaster Conference & Expo  2012 New Orleans
  • Crawford Contractor Connections    2012 Nashville, 2013 San Antonio, 2014 New Orleans, 2015 Florida
  • Experience Convention  2013 Florida, 2013 Las Vegas, 2015 Las Vegas
  • RIA Convention  2014 Orlando, 2015 Las Vegas

These shows have enabled us to work with over twenty-two DKI restoration companies. Helping them solve their demolition needs. Our goal is to help every restoration company that is looking for a better way to do their tear outs. By providing them a wider choice of better functioning tools then the old conventional pry bars offer.