The Artillery® Pry Bar System

The ultimate pry bar system for all your prying needs!

Disaster Restoration

The Artillery® Pry Bar System is a modular demolition system that is perfect for siding removal, decking removal, wood flooring removal and many other materials. Following is a comprehensive list of materials:

• Aluminum• Brick• Cabinets• Carpet & Staples

• Composite

• Decking

• EIFS• Lathe & Plaster• Linoleum• Molding

• Nails, Screws, Staples

• Paneling

• Plywood• Sheeting• Sheetrock• Stone

• Stucco

• Sub Floors

• Tile• Trim• Vinyl• Wood

• Wood Flooring

System Features

Lightweight/Portable: The lightweight design minimizes fatigue and is perfect for working on ladders where you need an extended reach or on big jobs. This feature also makes it very portable which allows you to easily transport the Artillery® Pry Bar System from jobsite to jobsite.

Materials: Each component is made from materials to enhance durability and comfort: zinc-plated tempered steel blades (durability), steel handles (durability), fiberglass handles, vinyl foam handle grip (all-weather comfort).

Maximized Leverage: Our patented design allows you to maximize prying forces where you want them.

Plastic Carrying Case: The plastic carrying case helps you keep your tools organized and protected. It also allows you to easily transport and store your tools.

Modular: The Artillery® Pry Bar System has interchangeable handles, fulcrums and blades that allow you to quickly assemble the “ideal configuration” for each job.

System Benefits

Speed: Rip through demolition jobs in a fraction of the usual time. (Isn’t demolition the least appealing part of every remodel/reconstruction job?)

Increased Safety: The ergonomic design reduces demolition time and optimizes leverage which increases user safety.

On-site Flexibility: The Artillery® Pry Bar System replaces many tools typically used for demolition including crowbars, chisels, flat bars, hammers, roofing shovels, scrapers, nail pullers, shingle removers, staple pullers and wrecking bars.

Order your Artillery® Pry Bar System today and look forward to your next demolition job!


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