One of the best features of Artillery Tool pry bar sets is that they are flexible. There are numerous combinations of pry bars, scrapers, fulcrums, and handles. When you are bidding on a new project, take a look at the set you have and make sure you have all the blades you need to get the job done. Having just the right pry bar for the demolition job can make it go faster, make the work easier and can inflict less wear and tear on your body, and the bodies of your workers.

Our pry bars have been designed to do specific jobs, such as the Artillery® 40 Inch Decking Bar that will let you stand upright and changes the motion to pulling or pushing. This will minimize back pain as well as make the job go much faster. A happy addition to any demolition pry bar set for a decking removal project. The 17 Inch Burier Nail Bar can even pull up some headless nails. Every demolition set would benefit from the addition of this specialty pry bar. Need to bend rebar on the work site? Need to remove rebar form ties? The Artillery® Rebar Bender allows you to bend rebar, that has smaller diameters on site, making last minute adjustment possible. This will save you headaches and time when a project needs customization.

When you are looking for the perfect addition to your pry bar family, shop for an addition that will make your next project go faster, cost less and will save your workers pain.

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  • 17 Inch Buried Nail Bar

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  • Ultra Light Mini 31 Inch Bar

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  • Mini 31 Inch Bar

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  • Standard 34 Inch Bar

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  • Siding Bar

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  • 28″ Lathe & Plaster, Sheetrock Bar

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  • 46″ Artillery® Bar

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  • Artillery® Rebar Bender

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  • 48 Inch Scraping Bar

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  • Artillery® 40 Inch Decking Bar

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  • 60″ Scraping Bar

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  • Ultimate Flooring Bar (UFB)

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