skach1-e1377813340995Joe Skach, the owner of Artillery Tools, LLC, has been a tool maker for 25 years. He also is the proud developer of the Artillery® Pry Bar System.

Joe came up with the idea for the Artillery® Pry Bar System working at a school construction site removing siding. He found that conventional prying tools did not work very well removing siding quickly and efficiently, so he came up with the Artillery® Pry Bar System. Joe also realized that contractors didn’t need another “one-trick” pony (a tool that had only one use), so he invested additional time on the Artillery® Pry Bar System’s design. He consulted with numerous contractors to ensure that the Artillery® Pry Bar System could meet just about every prying situation it would encounter in the field.

Joe called his system the Artillery® Pry Bar System because it is a weapon of mass destruction. It will destroy just about anything in its path, and it blows away the competition. Since it is unlike any other pry bar, Joe patented it. The flexibility of this tool system is unmatched, and no other tool or tool system comes close to the Artillery® Pry Bar System’s overall effectiveness.

Joe also believes in quality craftsmanship in everything he builds, and the Artillery® Pry Bar System is no exception. It has been engineered to be lightweight, efficient and ergonomic, and is constructed with the finest materials.  So, if you are in seeking a powerful and versatile tool to alleviate the stress and time of prying work, buy a set today and put the Artillery® Pry Bar System to work for you!

Restoration Contractors

The restoration industry has been a major focus for Artillery Tools over the last 6 years. They do a lot of tearing out on a day to day basis. We have substantially cut the demolition costs of the restoration contractors that are using our system.

Remodeling Contractors

Our tools can help the remodeling contractor reduce the amount of time spent on their tear outs. Saving them money and wear and tear on their workers


Artillery Tools can equip the homeowner with effective tools so they can do their own demolition on their projects. Doing your own tear out can save them thousands of dollars off the cost of the project.